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About Trampoline Nets

We are the specialist replacement trampoline netting division of the Capital Play group so are able to offer 14 years of trampoline experience to bring you a great range of trampoline nets and other associated parts and accessories.

Netting is often the first part of a trampoline that needs replacing. Although netting can be damaged when the trampoline is in use (children seem to love throwing things at their trampoline), more often than not it is the weather, particularly direct sunlight that causes most damage.

Trampoline netting is normally made of PE or polyester and both of these materials come in different grades and need to be UV stabilized. If the netting material from your trampoline is of a cheap grade and not properly UV stabilized, it can fall apart.

With this is mind, we've developed a range of trampoline netting that we are confident is built to the highest possible standard. Our Premium range of polyester nets, are made of 180gsm material and have passed the new 2015 EN regulation for UV stabilization. As well as being properly UV stabilized, our nets are made of a very thick material, helping to increase their inherent strength. In 2014 we launched the Standard range of PE nets. As with the polyester Premium nets, the material has passed the UV stability tests but PE is a slightly less expensive material so these nets are attractively priced for our customers with older children who only need to their trampoline to last another few years.

Please take care to ensure that you order the correct style and specification of net. Though we offer a very extensive range of nets that are suitable for the majority of trampolines in the UK there are a few makes that our nets are not suitable for so ensure that you read the specification of our nets and match it to your existing net.

One area that you should pay particular attention to is how many enclosure poles your trampoline has. Most 12, 13 and 14ft trampolines will have 8 upright poles but there are quite a few with 6 poles. Likewise with 10ft trampolines, about 70% have 8 poles and 30% 6 poles. With 8 foot trampolines 90% will have 6 poles but there are a handful of 8 pole trampolines.

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